Pregnancy yoga and alignment

Do you want to move smoothly through pregnancy and prepare your body well for birth? Are you curious about the design of your body as it comes to childbirth? Are you looking for a course that is informative, yet mainly focused on movement, alignment and breath? Then this is the course for you!

During this 8-week course in Pregnancy Yoga and Alignment you will stay fit and learn exactly which moves and positions are supportive to accommodate for all the changes in your pregnant body. The exercises make your body flexible and offer space where needed. You will gain trust in the power of your body. This allows you to grow towards the birth of your baby with self-confidence. The relaxing effect of yoga is nourishing for you and your baby, both during pregnancy and childbirth.

What you will learn

  • Adapt ‘daily life’ movements to your pregnant body
  • Stretch and strengthen specific muscles
  • Move safely through pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Various breathing techniques
  • Neutral pelvic alignment
  • Freeing up the birthing space
  • A NEW approach to train the Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM)
  • Various birthing positions/moves
  • Pushing techniques
  • Develop self-confidence for labour and birth

Included in this 6 or 8 week course

  • Personal attention
  • Small groups (max 12 women)
  • Custom-fit exercises for specific complaints
  • Classes are 1,5 hour each
  • 5 or 7 classes (depending on course length)
  • Partnerclass (duration: 2 hours)
  • Postnatal get-together
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First class: Monday, March 11th
Last class: Monday, April 22nd
Time: 18.30-20.00 pm
Partner class: Saturday, Mar 16th (14.30-16.30 pm)!!
Number of classes: 8
Price: €195,-*
*In many cases your health insurance will cover (part of) the costs.
Location: STUDIO MAY-B, Amaliastraat 5, Amsterdam

First class: Monday, May 6th
Last class: Monday, July 1st
Time: 18.30-20.00 pm
Partner class: Monday, June 17th (18.00-20.00 pm!)
No class: Monday June 10th!
Number of classes:
Price: €195,-*
*In many cases your health insurance will cover (part of) the costs.
Location: STUDIO MAY-B, Amaliastraat 5, Amsterdam

Class: Tuesdays
Time: 20.15-21.15 pm
Price: €75,- (5 classes, valid 6 weeks)

Postnatal Yoga & Alignment - Amsterdam

The focus of this course will be on gently ‘closing’ and re-owning your body again. During the classes you will learn how to nourish yourself at a time that can be quite demanding. We will do a lot of shoulder openers, gentle practices and re-aligning. We will look at DR (Diastasis Recti; a -larger than desirable- split between both halves of the rectus abdominus) and how to ‘mind the gap’. The toning of the PFM (Pelvic Floor Muscles) will be addressed too. We will ‘close’ the body gently from the inside out, so you’ll safely prepare for the movements you loved and practised before your pregnancy.
Your babies are very welcome. There is no need to worry about babies crying or the need for feeding, changing, etc. Everyone understands. While you are busy with your baby, you can still observe the practice. Groups will be small.

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*You can join at any moment your baby is 4 weeks or older. It is possible to schedule a private session at home in your early postnatal period.
Number of classes:8 (valid for 10 weeks) or 10 (valid for 12 weeks)
Price: €150,- (8x) or €175,- (10x)
Time: Mondays, 11.00-12.15 am
Location: STUDIO MAY-B, Amaliastraat 5

Studio MAY-B is located in the Westerpark area.
The studio is easily reached with tram nr 3 or bus nr 18 and 21.